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Our Expertise

Dean Electric is a multi-faceted company offering a wide variety of services to its clients.

Electrical Construction


WIth over 50 years in the construction industry, Dean Electric  has been a part of a wide variety of projects.  From offices to schools, multi-family commercial to data centers, and ground-up to tenant improvements, Dean Electric has always strived to put the client and the project needs first and foremost. 

Design Services


With in-house professional engineering services, Dean Electric can offer full electrical design services either separate from the construction project or as an integrated solution.


Electrical Power & Distribution


Emergency Power Generation


Lighting, including photometric design


Building Information Modeling


Value Engineering Reviews




And more...


Design/Build, Design/Assist


Offering design/build, design/assist services.


Under the design/build model, the design and construction contracts are combined. This method is used to minimize risks for the project owner and to reduce the delivery schedule by overlapping the design phase and construction phase of a project.


Design/assist is a process in which prior to completion of design, a construction contract may be awarded on a best value basis pursuant to which a contractor provides a design assistance to the architect/engineer of record through a design professional spearately retained by the contractor or an in-house engineer.  It is a construction management method to improve quality and maintain cost.  

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